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UK Type Wifi Power Plug with USB charger

Topsmart UK standard Wifi smart power socket smartlink to the Internet through Wifi network and controls the power of home appliances, it's compatible with both IOS or Android system, you can control home appliances and track the status of power plug by your smart phone or tablet at any place anywhere.

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 Production overview

 Topsmart UK standard Wi-Fi smart socket connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi network and controls the power of home appliances, smart phone or other device can control the switch of socket and track the status of socket at any place where network is available, and it supports Android and IOS APP.

UK type smart wifi power socket plug

application of UK type wifi smart plug



Different types for your choices 


Collection: S2 (SAA), S2 (UL), S2 (EU), S2 (UK)


Different smart socket for your choices




1. Remote control by APP-Turn on/ off your home electrical appliances from anywhere any time with internet connected

2. Press switch button to turn on/off your home electrical appliances

3. Preset time to turn on or turn off your home electrical appliances such as charging power for smart phone or other electronics

4. Set up timming task to turn on/off your home electrical appliances.

5. Fast charging your electronics such as mobile phone, tablet through USB charging port.

6.Scene for your DIY



Package & Delivery


Packing detail: Box Package Size: 160mm x104mm x 64mm 0.3kg/box

Delivery details: Sample order within 3 days, bulk order within 15 days according to the order quantity

 UK type smart wifi power socket plug


Basic Functions


1. Support WiFi network, using Smart link net technology

2. Support Smart configures net technology, easy to access settings.

3. Support status tracking, home appliances status timely feedback to your device.

4. Power indicator helps tracking energy spending

5. Support Max 10 timing task.

6. Support Max 150 WiFi smart socket from one smart phone.

7. Easy installation, easy handling and can be activated immediately and stably


timer function of uk type smart wifi power socket plug

UK type Wifi power plug







Working voltage

AC 100-240V

Working current

Max 10A


Pearl White


ABS flame retarding polymer


S2 (SAA), S2 (UL), S2 (EU), S2 (BS)


3 holes standard, UK Standard


Max power: 2000W (resistance loading)

Wireless working frequency


Wireless IEEE standards

WiFi 2.4GHz b/g/n

Security type


Security regime


Wireless consuming


Working temperature






How to operate

 how to use the smart wifi power socket plug





Easy installation